Epuri Skincare System

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What is the épuri Auto-Balancing Toner?

This topical solution is the third product in épuri's skin care line. Following the exfoliation and cleansing steps, the Auto-Balancing Toner comes last to supply the skin with the nutrients it needs to return to a natural and healthy pH level. It leaves the skin soothed and calmed.

How is the épuri Auto-Balancing Toner Supposed to Work?

The épuri Auto-Balancing Toner leverages the power of an incredible ingredient called 3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid, a special etherized form of ascorbic acid that can sink deep into the skin provide almost immediate benefits. This acid fights bacteria, eliminates free radicals, and inhibits blemish causing bacteria. But most importantly, it plays a crucial role in improving the synthesis of new collagen. Not only does more collagen improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin, it also improves and balances complexion.

Ingredient Highlights

As if it wasn't effective enough already, the épuri Auto-Balancing Toner includes several all-natural ingredients for other stunning results. One such ingredient is Oleracea Italica, also known as Broccoli extract. Broccoli extract is known for its ability to bolster the skin's natural defenses and reduce irritation and redness. This all-natural ingredient even prevents breakdowns in collagen and elastin, ensuring long lasting benefits from épuri's formulas.

Our Conclusion

After pouring over consumer reports, ingredients, and clinical tests, we have to admit we have an incredible product on our hands here. With so many customers singing its praises and so many tests to back it up, it's hard to ignore it. The épuri Auto-Balancing Toner really lives up to its claims. For the results it offers and at the price it comes at, it's one of the best toners we've seen go to market. We have no reservations when we tell you this product is worth trying. épuri is changing the face of skincare. Let it change yours.